Paisley Perfection




From Delhi to Bangalore this Paisley Perfection manicure will transport you to India, with our Around the World nail plates!
Paisley Perfection

Here's How

  1. paisley-perfection-step1
    Start by applying your base, using Sunny Side Up Gel Polish. For application instructions, please refer to our How to Gel Your Nails video.
  2. paisley-perfection-step2
    Once your nails are completely cured and dried grab your BM-XL154 plate. Then apply a thin layer of Sky Blue and Royal Blue polish.
  3. paisley-perfection-step3
    Next, take your scraper and swipe downward to create a gradient effect.
  4. paisley-perfection-step4
    Using your Stamper pick up the image and directly apply it to the nail bed.
  5. paisley-perfection-step5
    After the stamping polish has dried put a small drop of Builder Gel onto your nail. Then place your Nail Studs in the desired pattern and cure for 1 minute.
  6. paisley-perfection-step6
    Add another small drop of builder gel over your studs to seal in the design, then cure. Finish with Gel Top Coat and you’re done!