Piece of Summer




Take a piece of summer essence with you wherever you go using the Limited Edition Blogger Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate: Black Queen Nails Design!
Piece of Summer

Here's How

  1. Piece of Summer: Step 1
    Start off with a prepped nail of Calcium Rich Base Coat and Cuticle Protecting Tape. Then paint 1-2 coats of Jungle Mirage polish.
  2. Piece of Summer: Step 2
    On Stay Weird nail stamping plate BM-P110, apply Bam! White polish to the individual design. With the Scraper Card, spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with the Clear Glass Stamper. Place it directly onto your nail.
  3. Piece of Summer: Step 3
    Finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat to protect your design. For extra gloss, apply the Speed Dry Top Coat once the No Smudge is dry.