Plaid Skirt




Get this modern day plaid right on your nail in just a few strokes using our new Premium Nail Art Brushes!

Plaid Skirt

Here's How

  1. Plaid Skirt: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail, apply Bam! White and Poli Peel around the cuticle.
  2. Plaid Skirt: Step 2
    Using your Premium 105 Angled Precision Brush, draw a messy line in Violet Waves and another line with I See Blue. Repeat this process until your have a desired effect. 
  3. Plaid Skirt: Step 3
    Using the Premium 102 Liner Brush and your favorite emerald polish, paint a few lines over the broad brush strokes.
  4. Plaid Skirt: Step 4
    Apply a Gold Triangle Stud at the center base of the nail, then apply a Top Coat.