Poison Apple




How does something so bad look so good? Because of the Happily Never After Nail Stamping Plates! Try this Poison Apple for a Halloween Manicure. Featuring Crimson Heart nail plate (BM-XL191) and the Grimm's Nightfall nail stamping polishes.
Poison Apple

Here's How

  1. Poison Apple: Step 1
    Prep your nails with the Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Poison Apple: Step 2
    On nail stamping plate Crimson Heart (BM-XL191), apply Wolfish onto the vines design located in the bottom left corner. With your Scraper Card, spread the polish throughout the design, then pick it up with your Mini Dual Ended Glass Stamper and apply it to the top of your nail.
  3. Poison Apple: Step 3
    On the same nail plate, apply Mirror, Mirror polish to the design of the hand holding the poison apple. Scrape and pick up the design, then stamp it onto the lower 3/4 of your nail (in between the vines). Finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat

    TIP: With a Nail Art Brush and acetone, clean off any excess polish.