DIY Nail Art Rainbow Leaves




Glamify leaf patterns by using tropical nail polish colors and holographic nail foils! This makes any casual outfit pop.
DIY Nail Art Rainbow Leaves

Here's How

  1. Rainbow Leaves: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with Calcium Rich Base Coat and wrapping Cuticle Protecting Tape around the nail, paint 1-2 coats of So Metal nail stamping polish.
  2. Rainbow Leaves: Step 2
    Next, paint a thin layer of Nail Foil Glue all over the nail. Wait until it's dry and sticky. Then apply the Holographic Nail Foil, pressing the foil firmly and making sure it covers the entire nail.
  3. Rainbow Leaves: Step 3
    Pull the foil sheet quickly and carefully. If you see any uncovered spots, apply little nail foil glue (if needed) and reapply the holo nail foil.
  4. Rainbow Leaves: Step 4
    On the desired leaf pattern on Botanicals nail stamping plate
    Frondescence/Moonglade Bridge (m069), apply nail stamping polishes. Blend the polishes together to achieve a gradient by scraping the polish throughout the design 1-3 times. Then pick up and apply to the nail. 
  5. Rainbow Leaves: Step 5
    Remove the Cuticle Protecting Tape, and finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat.