This nail plate and manicure was inspired by the famous Japanese indigo tie-dye fabric called Ai-Zome that uses folding techniques to create intentional patterns.

Here's How

  1. Shibori: Step 1
    Start off with a prepped nail using Calcium Rich Base Coat and with a Latex Free Cuticle Protecting Tape around the nail.
  2. Shibori: Step 2
    Apply dots of polish with Indikon, Mercury Bassline, and Bam! White nail polishes to the Lotus Mat. Then use the Marble Tool, to drag the polishes together in a zig-zag.
  3. Shibori: Step 3
    With the Clear Stamper, pick up the polish from the Lotus Mat, and then apply directly to the nail.
  4. Shibori: Step 4
    On Special FX: To Dye For (BM-XL456), apply Midnight Madness and Straight Up Black to the diagonal tie-dye pattern as shown in the image. Then use your Scraper Card to mix and spread the polishes throughout the design.  
  5. Shibori: Step 5
    Apply the design to the nail and top it with the No Smudge Top Coat.
  6. Shibori: Step 6
    For some textile embelishment, use Golden Goddess Gold Metal Studs. Then encapsulate it with the Speed Dry Top Coat.