Take a beautiful souvenir with you wherever you go! This Moroccan pattern style looks exquisite on the nails as it does as tiles. Featuring Wild Heart Nail Stamping Starter Kit.

Here's How

  1. Souvenir: Step 1
    Start off by applying Calcium Rich Base Coat to your nail.
  2. Souvenir: Step
    On M015, "Casablanca," apply Teardrop nail stamping polish onto the featured design. With the scraper card, spread the polish throughout the design. Then pick it up with the Clear Ice Cube Stamper.
  3. Souvenir: Step 3
    Color in the round, clover areas of the design with Restless Dahlia nail stamping polish.
  4. Souvenir: Step 4
    While waiting for the design to completely dry, apply a thin layer of top coat to the nail. Then once the top coat is 90% dry, stamp the nail art design onto the nail. Protect the art by painting 1-2 coats of No Smudge Top Coat.

    TIP: For best results when using this reverse stamping technique, instead of applying top coat to the nail before design application, use Nail Foil Glue! Paint a thin layer to the nail and wait for the glue to be dry and tacky. Then stamp on the colored-in nail design.