Get this Star-Studded look created by Amy Tran using the BMC nail vinyls!

Here's How

  1. Star-Studded: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply one coat of Noir Black.
  2. Star-Studded: Step 2
    Apply the Star nail vinyl directly to your Lotus Mat.
  3. Star-Studded: Step 3
    Using Angelic White apply it over the entire vinyl.
  4. Star-Studded: Step 4
    Once the white base is slightly dried apply your three favorite colors to create an ombre effect.
  5. Star-Studded: Step 5
    Remove the vinyl with tweezers wait for the polish to dry, then apply a generous amount of Top Coat.
  6. Star-Studded: Step 6
    Wait until your decal is completely dry then peel off the pattern with a pair of tweezers. Paint your nails with Top Coat and quickly place the design on while your nails are still wet. Clean up any excess polish with a Clean Up Brush then finish with top coat!