Sweet Talker




Donuts, popsicles, and cupcakes so cute our sweet tooth just got sweeter 😋 This Kawaii Emoji manicure will fulfill your craving!
Sweet Talker

Here's How

  1. Sweet Talker: Step 1
    Start with clean prepped nails using a Gel Base Coat, 2 coats of Angelic White polish and 1 coat of Clear Gel Top Coat. For help on how to apply gel polish, refer to our YouTube video, "Everything You Need To Know About Gel Polish Application + Stamping!"
  2. Sweet Talker: Step 2
    With Sorceress Chrome Mirror Loose Powder, use the eye-shadow sponge applicator and rub the powder onto the nail.
  3. Sweet Talker: Step 3
    Apply Straight Up Black stamping polish to plate BM-XL323, scrape, and pick up the image with the Monocle stamper
  4. Sweet Talker: Step 4
    Next, color in the pattern with Psychedelic Stereo, Rave Babe, Tranceland, Monarch Dream stamping polishes using the Detailing Premium Nail Art Brush. 
  5. Sweet Talker: Step 5
    Once completely dry, stamp the pattern onto the nail, seal it with a glossy Top Coat.