Sweetheart's Sweet Tart




Add a little sugar to your fingertips with this Sweetheart's Sweet Tart manicure, using the Metal Stamping Guide and Quick Liner Polishes.
Sweetheart's Sweet Tart

Here's How

  1. Sweetheart's Sweet Tart: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply two coats of your favorite light blue polish and Poli Peel around the cuticle line. Then wait until both are completely dry.
  2. Sweetheart's Sweet Tart: Step 2
    Once the base color and Poli Peel dry, use a makeup sponge and a darker shade of blue polish to sponge over the entire nail bed.
  3. Sweetheart's Sweet Tart: Step 3
    Next apply Speed Dry Coat.
  4. Sweetheart's Sweet Tart: Step 4
    Once the base is dry, grab Noir Black Stamping Polish and apply it to BM-XL22. Scrape away any excess polish. Quickly place the selected design from your Metal Stamping Guide over the nail plate, using a Silicone Stamper pick up the image and stamp directly to the center of the nail bed.
  5. Sweetheart's Sweet Tart: Step 5
    Once your design is centered, grab Black Quick Liner and line the outside of your heart. Remove the Poli Peel and clean up any excess polish then finish with top coat.