Swirly Somethings




Sometimes "somethings" are better than nothing with nail art! Get cute and creative with this flirty manicure.
Swirly Somethings

Here's How

  1. Swirly Somethings: Step 1
    Start off with prepping your nails with your favorite Base Coat and Cuticle Protector. Then paint 1-2 coats of Bam! White.
  2. Swirly Somethings: Step 2
    On a makeup sponge, apply a think line of polish with Bam! White and Purple Prince. Then sponge on the polish directly to your nail to create a gradient effect.
  3. Swirly Somethings: Step 3
    On Floral Heaven (BM-XL351), apply Purple Prince to the swirly design. Use the scraper to spread the polish evenly throughout the design, then use the stamper to quickly pick-up the design and place it on your nail. 
  4. Swirly Somethings: Step 4
    Remove the Cuticle Protector and finish off with your favorite Top Coat.