Tahitian Blossoms




Travel to Tahiti and smell the fragrant Tiare flowers with our Polynesia plate collection. You can create this gorgeous Tahitian Blossoms manicure!
Tahitian Blossoms

Here's How

  1. tahitian-blossoms-step1
    Start with clean and prepped nails. Apply a base coat and then Bam! White as the base color.
  2. tahitian-blossoms-step2
    Create a gradient nail by painting 3 stripes of color on a makeup sponge and dabbing it on the nail.
  3. tahitian-blossoms-step3
    Repeat step 2 if necessary to get the desired effect. Clean up excess polish around your cuticles and apply top coat.
  4. tahitian-blossoms-step4
    Select the flower design on BM-XL112 and pick up with the XL silicone stamper.
  5. tahitian-blossoms-step5
    Fill in the flower part with your desired color and let dry. Remember to use a light hand! Dragging the polish will smear the stamping underneath.
  6. tahitian-blossoms-step6
    When the design is dry, stamp the design on your nails with a rolling motion. Press down lightly so the design is completely on the nail. Clean up cuticle area with a clean up brush and acetone. Apply top coat and you’re done!