Tango Angle




Fall in love with this negative space Tango Angle manicure using the Botanist's Dream plate and a Metal Stamping Guide!

Tango Angle

Here's How

  1. Tango Angle: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail bed apply Calcium Rich Base Coat and Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. Tango Angle: Step 2
    Once the base coat and Poli Peel completely dry, grab Angelic White Stamping Polish and apply it to BM-XL13. Scrape away any excess polish, then quickly place the selected design from your Metal Stamping Guide over your plate. Using a Silicone Stamper pick up the image and stamp directly onto the nail bed.
  3. Tango Angle: Step 3
    Remove the vinyl, don’t worry if it’s messy you can always clean up and center your design after.
  4. Tango Angle: Step 4
    Using Royal Blue polish close up the top of the triangle and center your design.
  5. Tango Angle: Step 5
    Once your design is centered grab a White Quick Liner and line the outside of your triangle. Remove the Poli Peel and clean up any excess polish then finish with top coat.
  6. Tango Angle: Step 6
    After stamping apply a Triangle Nail Vinyl over the center of the stamped portion of your nail.
  7. Tango Angle: Step 7
    Paint the entire nail Royal Blue. Then finish with your favorite Top Coat.