The Horizon




Capture the beautiful sunsets that cast over the mountains. Featuring the Tattoo Artist Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate: Aaron Is Tattoo.
The Horizon

Here's How

  1. The Horizon: Step 1
    Prep your nail with Calcium Rich Base Coat, then paint 1-2 coats of Bam! White.
  2. The Horizon: Step 2
    With the Premium Detailing Nail Art Brush, paint strokes of your favorite sunset colors of pink and orange on 1 half of your nail.
  3. The Horizon: Step 3
    Repeat Step 2 on the other half of your nail and with your favorite mountain hues of blue and purple.
  4. The Horizon: Step 4
    With the Tattoo Collaboration: Aaron Is Tattoo (BM-XL408) nail stamping plate and Straight Up Black Nail Stamping polish, pick-up and apply the mountain design. 
  5. The Horizon: Step 5
    Place it directly on your nail and clean up the unwanted polish. Then top it off with No Smudge Top Coat.