The New Classic




Achieve the new twist on what it means to be a Classic Beauty. This Beginnings Box has all that you need. Madam Luck shows us how in just a few steps!

The New Classic

Here's How

  1. The New Classic: Step 1
    Start off with a clean, prepped nail. Paint a thin layer of I See Blue onto the entire nail. Once the polish dries, paint a thin layer of Straight Up Black onto one side of the nail. 
  2. The New Classic: Step 2
    Next, apply Straight Up Black to 1 design on stamping plate Hearts + Stars (BM-XL355). Use the scraper card to scrape the polish throughout the pattern and pick up the image with your Stamper. Then place the design onto the I See Blue half of the nail.
  3. The New Classic: Step 3
    Repeat step 3 using a different design from stamping plate Make a Wish (BM-XL356) with I See Blue. Again, use the scraper card and stamper and place the design onto the other half of the nail.
  4. The New Classic: Step 4
    Clean up the excess polish with acetone or scotch tape, and finish off with your favorite Top Coat!