Too Cool




Never "too cool" for nail art because nail art is F'ing awesome! Glitterfingersss shows you how to maximize your Musik City Stamping Plates with Electro Glo and Whatever Forever Stamping Polishes.
Too Cool

Here's How

  1. Too Cool: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with the Calcium Rich Base Coat. Paint Monarch Dream as your base color. 
  2. Too Cool: Step 2
    Using your Monocle Stamper, stamp with Straight Up Black onto BM-S319.
  3. Too Cool: Step 3
    Color in the leaves with Rocko Wear.
    *You can use a Detailing Brush for a cleaner application.
  4. Too Cool: Step 4
    Once the polish is dry, stamp the design onto your nail and clean up the excess polish with acetone.
  5. Too Cool: Step 5
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 but using Straight Up Black to stamp "WTF" and color in with Rave Babe.
    *You can use steps 3 and 4 to finish off the rest of your nails. For the complete look, use: other products used within the manicure: BM-S314, BM-S320, and Babe Magnet.
  6. Too Cool: Step 6
    Use the No Smudge Top Coat for a glossy finish.