Waratah Holidays




Enjoy your summer holidays with this gorgeous waratah flower manicure using the Around the World 2 Australia nail stamping plate, BM-XL160.
Waratah Holidays

Here's How

  1. Watarah Holidays: Step 1
    After prepping your nails, paint 1 coat of Straight Up Black
  2. Watarah Holidays: Step 2
    As your nail dries, stamp the Waratah flower design with your Monocle Stamper and Straight Up Black.
  3. Watarah Holidays: Step 3
    Using your Nail Brush Tool, paint the flower design with Star Slinger stamping polish collection's Opus One and Quasar.
  4. Watarah Holidays: Step 4
    Once the polish dries, paint 1 layer of top coat and then apply the reverse stamp onto your nail while the top coat is still wet.
  5. Watarah Holidays: Step 5
    To finish, paint on the No Smudge Top Coat. Once it's dry, apply a Matte Top Coat.