Wild Side Walker




Take a walk on the wild side with this sassy manicure created by Madam Luck using the Fuzzy and Ferocious set 1 stamping plate collection!
Wild Side Walker

Here's How

  1. Wild Side Walker: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply one coat of Bam! White, then apply Poli Peel
  2. Wild Side Walker: Step 2
    Using a makeup sponge and 3 different shades of brown apply the polish in a circle.
  3. Wild Side Walker: Step 3
    Once your base has dried sponge on the brown polish until you have a smooth circular gradient.
  4. Wild Side Walker: Step 4
    Remove the Poli Peel and any excess polish with a Clean up Brush then apply Top Coat.
  5. Wild Side Walker: Step 5
    Once your polish has dried grab your Straight-Up Black Stamping Polish, then select the lion design from Fangs & Feathers/Animal Hairs (m136) and pick up the image with your Monocle Stamper then apply directly to your nail.  
  6. Wild Side Walker: Step 6
    Remove any excess polish with a Clean up Brush then finish with Top Coat for a ferociously fuzzy manicure!