Wintery Spring Mani




Have you noticed that weird time between winter and spring where it's still cold but it's sunny? But then some days it's hot but it's overcast and you don't know what to wear because the weather is unpredictable. Well, keep your mani looking fresh by incorporating the black and white look of winter and adding a pop of color for spring. You won't have to guess how to style your nails according to the weather, but you probably might want to carry an extra jacket just in case.
Wintery Spring Mani

Here's How

  1. Wintery Spring Mani: Step 1
    After cleansing your nails and applying Calcium Rich Base Coat, paint your whole nail with the color Marmalade. Apply a Latex-Free Adhesive Cuticle Tape to each nail to protect your skin
  2. Wintery Spring Mani: Step 2
    On a makeup sponge, paint on Marmalade and Fuschia Flame and tap it onto the nail in order to create a gradient. Apply a layer of Foil Glue and let dry. Remove the cuticle tape and clean up excess polish on skin.
  3. Wintery Spring Mani: Step 3
    Choose a design in Moth Mosaic/Golden Afternoon (m066) stamping plate, and pick up your image using Straight Up Black polish and color it in using Bam! White.
  4. Wintery Spring Mani: Step 4
    Finish up by applying your favorite Top Coat.

    *TIP: For a clean and smudge free finish, use our No Smudge Top Coat