Halloween 2021 Limited Edition: Black Ice Cube Stamper & Scraper Card

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Ready for a Halloween treat? This Black Ice Cube Stamper and Scraper features a sweet new design. Bring all of your manicure ideas to life with our crystal clear silicone stamping head designed for easy visibility when picking up designs. Its firm, rounded face slightly magnifies your stamp to make details clearer and sharper in view. At 1x1.5 inches in size, this stamper is the perfect size for long or short nails. When it comes to long-lasting stampers, we've got you covered! This stamper includes a matching cap to keep your stamper head clean and lint-free.

A Few Tips:

  1. Do not prime the clear head. Sanding will cause haziness.
  2. Use a lint roller or scotch tape to remove polish from stamping heads. Using 100% acetone and other nail polish removers may cause the head to look cloudy.
  3. Do not over squeeze or pinch the stamping heads as it may cause the heads to tear.