Shape Shifters Negative Space Nail Wraps - Set of 20 Wraps



What's with the negative attitude? Our Shape Shifters negative space nail wraps set includes 20 clear strips with a variety of black & white geometric designs. Use these wraps with your favorite base color or just a simple clear coat for completely unique manicures in minutes. Each wrap is 25mm in length and range from 9mm to 15mm in width. Customize your look by trimming your these wraps to best fit your nail size and shape. We're not sure about you, but quick and easy manicures always make our day! :)

For easy application:

1) Prep & clean your nails and cuticles. Select best-fitting wrap for your nail and gently lift nail strip off from the backing.

2) Position the rounded edge to your cuticle and smooth the wrap over the surface of your nail to remove air bubbles and wrinkles.

3) Fold excess nail strip over your nail edge and gently file off excess in a downward motion.

**RECOMMENDATIONS**:To prep nails, push cuticles back and wipe nails with acetone to remove oils. Avoid getting the manicure wet for at least an hour. A clear base and top coat may be used with this product. Remove with nail remover. Use open package immediately. Air will dry out strips and affect adhesive.