Latex-Free Nail Cuticle Protector Tape - FREE GIFT 1 per order only


Latex-Free Nail Cuticle Protector Tape - FREE GIFT 1 per order only

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Give your nails a warm cozy hug with our fall-themed cuticle protectors. This set of 30 latex-free U-shaped adhesives snuggle up to fit the curve of your nail and features a beautiful golden autumn design. To use, adhere the tape to the area surrounding your nail, stretching as you stick for a nice snug fit. Paint and stamp as usual, then gently peel from your fingers to reveal clean, polish-free skin. Great for stamping, water marbling, and sponging techniques.

  • TRUST IN¬†U:¬†These latex-free¬†nail stickers¬†protect cuticles from polish.¬†
  • PREP WORK: Before adhering to the protector tape make sure cuticles and fingers are clear from debris.
  • PLACE IT CAREFULLY: Position the U-shaped tape tightly around your cuticles avoiding any bubbling.
  • GIVE YOUR NAIL A HUG: Wrap the edges of the tape to confirm the shape of your nail and finger.
  • LET THE NAIL ART JUICES FLOW: Now you are ready for stamping, water marbling, gradients, and more!

"5 simple steps" for nail stamping


Paint a generous amount of stamping polish onto a design.


Scape off excess polish with the edge of a scraper card, holding it at a 45 degree angle.


Quickly, roll the stamper head onto the design.


Transfer the stamp onto your nail, using a smooth rolling motion.


Finish with a layer of Smudge Free Top Coat