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Do you have too many nail stamping plates and they are overrunning your workstation? This Build-Your-Own nail plate storage kit has everything thing to help get you organized and work in a clutter-free environment. All you have to do is supply a standard 3-ring binder and we supply the rest! This Starter Kit - has 4 Square, 4 Rectangular, and 2 Universal Sheets along with a Mesh Pocket Compartment.  All sheets are made from a clear plastic that allows you to put 2 plates per slot and let you see all the stamping designs to help you track down the desired designs. Also, all sheets (including the pouches) come with metal grommets to assist with the wear and tear as you constantly thumbing through your collection looking for that perfect design.


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already cracking open, and fit challenges

I spent quite a lot and ordered a bunch of these in all the sizes. I was SO excited to start organizing my plates and supplies. First, I noticed several of the grommets were poorly placed around the holes, but I hoped it wouldn’t matter. Then, I noticed that my round and square small plates were nearly impossible to remove after inserting them in the smallest sheets, as was also the case for many XL plates with backing cards in a fully loaded sheet. Then many un-backed plates slide out if I accidentally tilt the binder at all. Now, worst of all,they’re only a few months old and several are splitting at the seams and I haven’t even been using the plates in those sheets! apologies for typos — this form isn’t working in mobile Safari on my iPhone; I have to type blind and can’t go back To edit or even copy all to compose this I’m a document then cut and paste all at once. I’m very disappointed and fairly upset at how much I spent for these. I sort of solved the impossible-to-remove issue by buying hundreds of post-it index tabs; I stick one to the back of each plate to use as a pull-tab to remove my small plates (BMC brand and other common brands.) Again, I can’t see what I’m typing, so sorry for mistakes!



They are an absolute must for keeping your plates neat and ogranized. These are great for the xl plates. You can put 2 of the small square plates into a slot but i personally find it hard to get them out that way. But it's no big deal ill just buy some of the of the other storage plate sheets designed for the smaller plates at a later date.

Teresa B.
United States

Great product

This is a great product to keep all your stamping plates organized. Only one of my sheets didn’t line up but I was still able to add it in my binder.

Elaine Day

Love it!

Yayy! Now my stamping plates have a place to be and not get scratched up! Some of the spaces were a little tight and the grommets were a little too close together so it gets four stars but overall it’s pretty good. Much better than some I’ve ordered from amazon!


A must!

This is a necessity for Stamp enthusiasts. Keeps your plates protected and organized.