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Are you a nail polish swatcher or someone who loves the look of gel polishes, but can not commit to a nail art design that long? Luckily we have a solution for you! Gel-Off is our base coat that is made to be a temporary, peel-off coating that give you the opportunity rock some shinny gel nails for shorter period of time verse the weeks gel polishes can normally last. This base coat is to be used in lieu of your normal gel base coat and will cure just the same. Not only for people that need to actively change there nail polish designs after a few days, but this item is great for nail/fashion bloggers or someone that does polish color swatching since you can switch gel colors much, much quicker than normal.

**IMPORANT NOTE**: This product is only recommended for natural nails and NOT false/faux/plastic nails!!!

***APPLICATION & REMOVAL***: Apply a thin coat of Gel-Off and cure as normal for 30 seconds. Then apply your favorite gel polish and cure again. To remove, gently lift at the edges and peel off nice and slowly!



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Sorta peel off

sometimes I can peel this stuff off pretty well and sometimes it just won’t budge! I don’t dehydrate my nails prior to putting this on to help with the removal. I’ve tried soaking in warm water and everything but it’s nust not that easy to peel off. It is definitely better than a normal gel base but not quite peel off.


Not as advertised

This base coat lasts me for 2 weeks. However it is very difficult to remove. If I soak in water and peel off, it takes a very long time. I have to soak, peel a little, soak, peel a little more. Also, it usually takes off a layer of fingernail, especially on the 2/3 of my nail nearest the free edge. My nails have been really torn up by this product! Acetone removal also takes a long time- 30 minutes or more.

Gloria B.
United States

Peel off base coat

It worked well i will continue to use it and perfect the end result! I am very excited that i don’t have to soak off my gel polish any more!!!



I started doing my own at home gel manicures about 6 months ago. I love them so much but NOT what the manicures were actually doing to my nails under all the pretty polish. I did some research and came across this peelable gel base coat and thought I would give it a try. O H M Y G O D... I freaking LOVE this stuff. 1.) It's 5 dollars.... SO WORTH IT. 2.) It actually works. The first time I applied it, it chipped off in about 3 days. This was my fault, my nails were very short and I wasnt sealing the edges of them properly. Now that i've used it a couple times more (and am sure to seal the edges) It lasts me atleast 6-7 days. You soak your nails in warm water and it is able to be peeled/pushed/scraped off... its easier than removing regular nail polish in my opinion. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The time is lasts is perfect for me because I get sick of my nail polish after about a week or so anyway. If the polish starts to chip though, you should just give in and give them a quick soak and remove it. I have peeled it off without the warm water before,because it started chipping, and that is how/when it may possibly damage your nails. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP MAKING THIS STUFF!!!! >3

Minnesota, USA

Somewhat difficult to work with

I really wanted this base coat to work but I'm afraid it doesn't for me. I don't know if it's to do with my body chemistry but it's almost impossible for me to get off without damaging my nails. As some have mentioned, using a lot of cuticle oil and a lot of time can get it off, but it's rather frustrating. However, if you soak off rather than peel off, this does seem to take about half as much soaking time as regular gel base coat, so it is still quite useful even if I can't peel it easily!