Nail Art Stamping Plates - Fuzzy and Ferocious: BM-S166, Sea Creatures


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Fuzzy and Ferocious: Set 2 is an explosion of cute and cuddly animal designs. Sea Creatures (BM-S166) is a buffet plate full of cute, cartoony animals that make the ocean their home: a bubble filled, kelp and coral scene with a Fish, Turtle, Shark, Jellyfish, Starfish, Seahorse and Shells . All these designs are on our 2 x 2 inch square plates that bring one-of-a-kind, high quality engravings to make all our fine line images pop! Now manicure up and show us what you can do with these outstanding designs. *APPLICATION* : Apply any color nail polish to your chosen image on the stainless steel plate. Using a scraper, remove any excess nail polish. Using a stamper, stamp the image in a rolling motion. Stamp the design directly to the nail. Not only are our nail stamping plates easy to use, but your design can be changed as easily as a coat of nail polish! **NOTE**: Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic on top of each plate.