CLEARANCE: Teenage Dream: What's Digital? (BM-P105) - Single Plate

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**Clearance** this set of plates may contain plastic backings that are loose.  The backing does not affect the plate's ability to stamp and can be easily glued back on with super glue if you choose to. FINAL SALE, NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES

What was your favorite lingo in the 90's? Radical, As If, Whatever, Righteous, Bye Felicia? Whatever it was, Teenage Dream will bring back that nostalgic feeling thanks to its cute and punky 90's themed nail art stamping designs. What's Digital? (P105) centers around the 90's retro tech with a cassette tapes, polaroid camera and photos, and music notes. There is also a mix of full nail and buffet patterns like hearts, phrases, bats, aliens and so much more!