Teenage Dream: What's Digital? (BM-P105) - Single Plate

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What was your favorite lingo in the 90's? Radical, As If, Whatever, Righteous, Bye Felicia? Whatever it was, Teenage Dream will bring back that nostalgic feeling thanks to its cute and punky 90's themed nail art stamping designs. What's Digital? (P105) centers around the 90's retro tech with a cassette tapes, polaroid camera and photos, and music notes. There is also a mix of full nail and buffet patterns like hearts, phrases, bats, aliens and so much more! This plate is also a first for us. We turned our standard rectangular XL plate into a visionally aesthetic and adorably cute bows with a pink, plastic backing. But with Teenage Dream there is so much more and these stamping plates were just the catalyst. We have developed an entire mega collection under the Teenage Dream idea that encompasses both stamping and gel polishes, nail stickers, vinyls, and transfers, along with a new pink tinted Glass Stamper. Check our the rest of the collection and relive the best decade ever!