Summer Occasions: Tan Lines (T074) Rub-On Nail Decals


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Soak up some sun with these colorful swimwear rub-on nail decals. Create flawless manicures in just minutes with full-color details and ultra-thin materials. You'll be working on that tan in no time at all! Decal sizes range from 3mm to 50mm, perfect for any size nail.
Application is Easy:

  1. Apply polish of your choosing and allow polish to dry completely.
  2. Next, trim your chosen decal as close to the design as possible.
  3. Remove the paper backing and place on top of your nail.
  4. Once you have the decal positioned to your liking, press down and start rubbing back and forth over the sticker until the clear film slides off and the decal stays on your nail.
  5. Gently tap down any rough edges and apply a clear top coat to lock-in the sticker.

Tip: For full nail decals, gently file the excess for a perfect fit.