Behind the Plate: Black Queen Nails Design

Ana from Black Queen Nails Design Collaboration Plate
We sat down with Ana (aka @blackqueennailsdesign) to learn more about her creative process and how she finds her inspiration. Here's what she said:

1.  While creating your first collaborative nail plate, what inspired your designs? 

"Mainly, I was inspired by the beauty of nature—strong and unique. Those are some characteristics that we women have had throughout history and even today. This stamping plate is a tribute to both nature and women."
2.  What did you feel was missing in nail art that you created with your plate? 
"We must try to find the parts of ourselves that make us unique and be more artistic with nail stamping plates so that they're full of inspiration and help transport users to magical and beautiful worlds."
3.  Do you have any other creative hobbies outside of nail art? 
"I really like makeup. It's another one of my passions. It helps you to create new looks and to create art on your own face. I also like cooking a lot, experiencing new flavors and cooking new dishes."
4.  What is a nail art design that you keep going back to?
"When I have moments of little inspiration, I like to go back to simplicity. It is extraordinarily beautiful, as it can be a design with pretty flowers and combined colors."
Did Ana inspire you to express your creative self? 
Whether it's nature or the essence of a strong female that gets your creative thoughts running, you'll be nail-inspired just as Ana. 
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Posted: June 6, 2018 2:50PM HST