Do You: Self Hatred Ends Here

Featuring Art By: Nicole Zaridze

Make Over It by Nicole Zaridze

“Make-Over It” by: Nicole Zaridze - Buy it Here
Image Source by Nicole Zaridze via Giphy

Why are we so mean to ourselves? Seriously. If I had a dollar for every time I thought about how much I don’t like my own face, I would have enough money to buy a new face. We all spend way too much time hating our own reflections and shaming our own bodies for being too fat, too skinny, too pale, too brown... too whatever! We’ve watched opportunities slip through our fingertips as we sat idle, paralyzed by fear, second-guessing our beauty, our intelligence, or our worth.

Sad Pop Song by Nicole Zaridze

“Sad Pop Song” by Nicole Zaridze - Buy It Here
Image Source by Nicole Zaridze via Giphy
We’ve fought for far too long, battling that voice of self-doubt, self-shame, and self-criticism! We seriously deserve a moment of peace and internal silence. This life is our own to live, and it’s about time we stop trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of who they think we should be. Be proud of whatever it is that makes you unique, and lift yourself up with something that makes you feel good. You owe it to yourself!
Love by Nicole Zaridze
Gif by Nicole Zaridze - Check Her Out Here
Image Source by Nicole Zaridze via Giphy
Each of us is different, and diversity is what makes life beautiful! That’s why we want you to just be you! Embrace what makes you an individual; explore the corners of your creativity; and empower yourself with acceptance, compassion, and expression. Eat an entire pizza, paint your nails midnight black, or make the first move; indulge in whatever it is that YOU love without the fear of shame. Whatever it is that's best for you, just do you!

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Posted: March 5, 2018 1:38PM HST