Artist Feature: Carole Annette - The Creative Force Behind @toebeannails 🌟🐾

Posted by Kara Crail

Raise your toe beans for @toebeannails!! 🐾 We're super excited to feature this exclusive interview with the incredibly talented nail artist, IG blogger and YouTuber, Carole Annette. Known for her cute and creative nail art, using every technique from dip powder to gel, Carole has been a shining star in the nail community since 2017. On Instagram, she's adored as @toebeannails, and her YouTube channel @caroleannette is seriously a ✨gem✨, featuring tons of inspiring nail art tutorials and tips for all skill levels alike.

Carole's journey into the world of nail art shows how a little fun and creativity can turn into a lifelong passion! From DIY to a new upcoming collaboration plate with Maniology, releasing on 1/18/2024, her style shines through with a vibrant blend of artistic vision and passion for innovative nail art. This collaboration plate features big fluffy clouds, groovy waves, and tons of sparkles, along with an adorable assortment of tiny accent designs like smiley faces, leafy sprigs, and seasonal delights from fall leaves to friendly ghosts. This new plate is a perfect canvas for your imagination to run wild with a famous nail artist as your spirit guide! 

But who is the artist behind the toe beans? We had the wonderful opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Carole and uncover the stories, inspirations, and tips behind her stunning nail art creations.


1. How long have you been doing nail art? Since 2017.

2. How did you first learn about nail stamping? Shortly after starting my Nail Art journey, I wanted to expand my toolbox for nail art. I discovered Maniology through a Nail Art Facebook group.

3. What do you love about nail art and how has Maniology nail stamping improved your life? I love to see everyone's interpretation of art. I find art to be beautiful, emotional, expressive, and so much more. Maniology has made intricate and difficult designs possible for me.

4. What inspired the designs for your stamping plate and which design is your favorite? The inspiration was Happiness. The designs represent what makes me happy and are versatile. It's my go-to plate.

5. Where do you find creative inspiration in your daily life? Honestly, everywhere. Movies, earrings, pottery, nature, etc. I also love clay jewelry artists on Instagram.

6. If you were a Maniology stamping polish, which one would you be and why? Probably Bam! White or Straight Up Black. They POP and are essential to stamping.

7. What is a tip for beginners you wish you had known about nail stamping? Peel off the blue film from your plates - I skipped this at first!

8. What does "self-love" and "self-care" mean to you? Self-love is being kind to myself. Self-care is taking care of my mental health and feeling good about my body.

9. What other creative hobbies do you enjoy? Embroidery, painting on various mediums - nails, canvas, wood, clothing, hats... 

Cross Stitching art created by nail artist Carole Annette

Fun and creepy cross stitched clown created by artist Carole Annette.

Textured fabric painted hat created by nail artist Carole Annette

Carole Annette is not just a nail artist; she's a vibrant, multi-faceted creator whose work transcends beyond the nails into a world of colorful self-expression and joy. Her upcoming collaboration plate with Maniology is a must-have for anyone who loves to add a personal touch of creativity to their nails. It's an invitation to celebrate your unique style and embrace the joy of nail art.

🎉 Don't miss out on this exclusive release on 1/18/2024! Head over to and grab your Carole Annette collaboration plate. Let's spread happiness, one nail at a time! 💅✨

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