Dual-Ended Nail Art Tweezer and Silicone Pusher


Dual-Ended Nail Art Tweezer and Silicone Pusher

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No more fumbling with tiny nail accessories! Our Dual-Ended Nail Art Tweezer and Silicon Pusher in vibrant orange is a multifunctional tool that brings ease and precision to your nail art creations.

The fine straight stainless steel tip is perfect for effortless gripping and precise placement of various nail applications, from foils and decals, to rhinestones, small embellishments, and gems. These tweezers are also useful for cleaning up excess polish or glue around the nails. While the soft, flexible silicon pressing head helps to easily press nail stickers and decals into your nails, without causing damage to your nails or the stickers.

  • EASY TO USE: Easy picking and gripping of tiny nail accessories for hassle-free nail art application.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Dual end design for convenience and versatility.
  • PRECISION: Fine straight stainless steel tip for accurate and secure handling.
  • GENTLE APPLICATION: Soft, flexible silicon pressing head to ensure gentle application without damage.
  • STYLISH: Vibrant orange color for a fun and stylish addition to your nail art kit.

"5 simple steps" for nail stamping


Paint a generous amount of stamping polish onto a design.


Scape off excess polish with the edge of a scraper card, holding it at a 45 degree angle.


Quickly, roll the stamper head onto the design.


Transfer the stamp onto your nail, using a smooth rolling motion.


Finish with a layer of Smudge Free Top Coat