100pc Metal Mixing Beads For Nail Polish


100pc Metal Mixing Beads For Nail Polish

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It's time to shake up your nail polish routine with our Metal Mixing Beads. This pack of handy beads comes with 100 beads. These 4mm non-corrosive mixing beads mix and blend nail polish formulations thoroughly, preventing uneven consistency or clumps so you can achieve a smooth, even polish application. No more clumps, no more uneven application—just pure polish perfection! To use, drop a mixing bead into your polish. Keep the cap closed tightly when shaking to mix.

• FUNCTIONAL: A convenient and efficient method to restore and maintain the quality of your nail polish and helps to easily mix DIY nail polishes with no mess.
• SMOOTH APPLICATION: Helps prevent the formation of air bubbles and ensures a smooth application on the nails.
• EASY TO USE: It's as easy as dropping 1-2 beads into your nail polish bottle and giving it a gentle shake.

 To use the metal mixing beads, simply drop them into the nail polish bottle and shake it. The beads then create a stirring action that helps break up any clumps and evenly distribute the pigments and ingredients within the polish. The beads effectively agitate the polish, ensuring a well-mixed and consistent formula. We recommend using 2 mixing balls per nail polish bottle.

"5 simple steps" for nail stamping


Paint a generous amount of stamping polish onto a design.


Scape off excess polish with the edge of a scraper card, holding it at a 45 degree angle.


Quickly, roll the stamper head onto the design.


Transfer the stamp onto your nail, using a smooth rolling motion.


Finish with a layer of Smudge Free Top Coat