Behind the Plate: Glitterfingersss

Written by:  Lexa and BMC Team
Whenever we collaborate with artists and designers, we love to learn about how they create. Our hobbies and inspirations make us different, and that's what makes collaborating so exciting! Every plate is unique to its creator, so learn what inspired Lexa for her Glitterfingersss collaboration - hits the store on Monday, July 23rd.
While creating your first collaborative nail plate, what inspired you to come up with the designs?  
I freehand nail art. I wanted to come up with patterns that I freehanded before. I created this stamping plate for the people that are enjoying my hand-painted designs. Plus, I actually draw out my patterns, so [I’m] going to be so emotional when I will see other people using them. I had the chance to collaborate on nail polishes before, but creating this plate was creatively the most satisfying feeling ever. I had such freedom with this project that I never had before with any of my collabs, and for that, I can't thank enough to the amazing people behind Bundle Monster. This is truly a dream come true.
What did you feel was missing in nail art that you created with your plate?
Weird/exciting patterns. I feel like there are too many cute and easy-to-wear stamping plates out there.
Creative expression—do you have any other creative hobbies outside of nail art?
Not really. From time to time, I do some d.i.y. projects - like jewelry making or clothing modifications.  Those projects come and go, but nail art stays.
What is a nail art design that you keep going back to?
My collab plate is pretty much the answer to this question: floral, tropical and crystals.

We asked Lexa 20 fun and random questions.  See what she has to say - GO!

1.  What’s your favorite movie?
Now that is a question that I could talk about for hours. I'm a huge movie and show junkie, and I have many favorites, from many genres. I really can't pick a favorite.
2.  What show are you watching?
I watch way too many shows, but my absolute favorites right now (beyond the obvious Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones) are The Handmaid's Tale, Westworld, Black Mirror, The Last Man On Earth (I'm so mad it ended!), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dark, Penny Dreadful (it got cancelled, but I had to mention it), Humans, Misfits (ended a long time ago, but I just love it). But I could go on forever.
3.  iPhone or Android?
4.  Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram, 100%!
5.  Who’s an Instagrammer that EVERYONE should be following right now?
Nicoya a.k.a. @coyarose. She's incredibly talented, has the best ideas, and uploads very often, so if you're into nail art, you should totally follow her.
6.  What’s your favorite food?
Anything that is spicy. I really like Italian and Mexican food, but if I really have to pick one, that would be pizza. The kind that I make and bake, from pasta to toppings.
7.  Least favorite food?
Everything that has spinach in it.
8.  What is a must have on your pizza?
Fresh basil.
9.  Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
10.  Coffee or tea?
11.  What’s your favorite band?
I really like The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Rise Against, alt-J and many more.
12.  Favorite song?
Don't have one. Or I have too many.
13.  What is your day job?
I work at the Employment Department of our district. My job is to give financial aid to local businesses to employ long term unemployed people.
14.  Do you have a tattoo?
Not yet, but I really want at least one in the future—one that is designed by me.
15.  Dogs or cats?
Dogs. I have two: a Yorkshire Terrier and a Staffie mix. I love them to death.
16.  Heels or flats?
17.  What's your favorite BMC product?
Can I be selfish and say my own collab plate? :smile:
18.  If you had one superpower, what would it be?
To travel in time.
19.  Scary film or happy endings?
20.  Lipstick or lip gloss?
None of them? I rarely ever wear any lip products, but if I do, it's always lipstick.
Don't forget!  Lexa's plate releases on Monday, July 23rd!  Until then, check out our line of Collabs:
Posted: July 19, 2018 at 8:34am HST