Do You - What does it mean?

Do you- what does it mean?

Time wasted, opportunities expired, and moments unfulfilled; we’ve fought for far too long, battling the voice inside, trying to quiet the self-doubt, self-shame, and self-criticism. 

The outcry of expression screams louder. Muted by the noise of negative thinking, we need to let our hearts be heard. Unique, wild, and brilliant—each of our voices are different but every single one beautiful. We encourage you to embrace what makes you an individual; explore the corners of your creativity; and empower yourself with acceptance, compassion, and expression. Eat an entire pizza. Dance in your pajamas. Make the first move. Whatever it is that's best for you, just do you!


It's simple.  Share a picture or video of what you do to appreciate yourself with a brief description using hashtag #doyoubmc on Instagram or Facebook.  When you share your story, you are empowering others to be confident in who they are and encouraging this positive message of Do You!    
Each week, we'll select (1) story to be featured on our social channel and we'll also give this fearless woman a starter kit of her choice.
Together let's create a movement. Help us spread this message and don't forget to Do You!
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