From Skin Art to Nail Art: Meet Marie Tattoo Hawaii

Written by:  Kara Crail + Tiana Regan
When inspiration strikes, it doesn’t always come in the most conventional of ways, and this time around was no exception. The outcome was nothing short of beautiful and expressive.  On July 16th, we’ll be releasing our first ever Tattoo Collaboration.
About 2 years ago, Devon, our nail educator set out to a local Hawaii Tattoo Expo on a mission to find tattoo artists who wanted to transform their skin art to nail art!  We’re so proud of the way this unique collection turned out and the artists featured in this set. Each tattoo artist has their own style and way of expressing their art. We hope you’ll enjoy this collection and the awesomeness that comes with it!
Marie Tattoo Hawaii - From Skin Art to Nail Art
You might recognize this bad-ass chick from Season 8 of Ink Master. Hawaii’s talented and gorgeous Marie Makowski, a.k.a. @MarieTattooHawaii, brings you 16 feminine and fierce designs to help you sharpen up your claws. Marie’s Asian-inspired art features bursts of blooming florals, cryptic smiling skulls, and tropical Hawaiian sceneries.

Want to check out the rest of Marie’s tattoo work?  Follow her @MarieTattooHawaii on Instagram.


Posted: July 11, 2018 @ 12:35pm HST