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Written by: Kara Crail
Before digital music took over the world, there were few things more enjoyable than flopping onto my bed and studying the covers of a new CD on its first play through. From the music store stack to the undressing of plastic shrink wrap, every moment spent staring at the cover art of a vinyl or CD prefaced the audio experience to come. Today, we’re graced with the convenience to swipe and flick through centuries of music, but when was the last time you took a moment to appreciate an album’s cover art? With Record Store Day just behind us, I’ve compiled just a few reasons you should be soaking up some art inspiration from your favorite album covers.

1. Album covers often preface the overall theme for the music

The grainy, out of focus Polaroid of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album sets the tone of anthems for the girl next door in her 20’s. Caught in her unsmiling candidness, Swift hints to the album’s 80’s influenced sound and her longing for freedom with a top that displays a flock of seagulls taking off.

1989 by Taylor Swift - Image Source via Wikipedia

2. They remind us to question our current society and politics

Everything that goes into creating an album, from lyrics to sound engineering, plays a part in capturing a snapshot of the world around us. With worldwide reach, album covers help us all to reflect on our ideologies, morals, and beliefs.

  • Things Fall Apart by The Roots - Image Source via


    3. They have major influences on our culture

    I mean, really though, how many times has this picture been recreated? Even if you don’t listen to The Beatles, you’ve seen this album cover at least once in your lifetime. The iconic Abbey Road even has a streaming webcam where you can see people holding up traffic just to recreate this picture around the clock.

    Abbey Road by The Beatles - Image Source via


    4. They inspire absolutely gorgeous nail art

    Some album covers are so pretty that you just need to wear them. They’re the products of many talents: photographers, graphic designers, painters, typographers, musicians, and more.

    Rock It Don't Stop It by RafaleImage Source via


    The next time you listen to your favorite album, take a page from some other amazing nail artists and find inspiration from your favorite album covers:


    Rafale’s Rock It Don’t Stop It by Traces of Polish

    Image Source via


    Lady Gaga’s Applause by Squeaky Nails

    Image Source via


    Velvet Underground & Nico by Mademoiselle Emma

    Image Source by @mademoiselle__emma via

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    Posted: May 3, 2018 1:59PM HST