Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2018: What's Your Creative Expression?

Written By: Kara Crail 
We absolutely love nail art! It’s our heart and soul, but here at BMC, we appreciate all forms of creative expression.
Having a creative hobby is immensely important to a person’s happiness and overall mental health. It helps to challenge you while giving your mind a break from the stresses of everyday obligations. It often gives us opportunities to socially interact with people who have similar interests, and this, in turn, boosts confidence and inspires a much more fulfilling sense of life. Thinking about what you need to do all day, every day is sure to drive anyone insane. No matter what your creative passion is, whether it be nail art, balloon twisting, or both, we encourage everyone to feel inspired, create, and express their true selves.
With this in mind, we visited Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2018, a yearly street art festival in Kaka’ako, Hawaii, to ask some women on the street how they creatively express themselves, and we were blown away by the answers:

Deb from Rhode Island (Above Left)

Occupation: Marine Tech on Falkor Schmidt Ocean Institute
Creative Expression: Painting Watercolor
“I became interested in painting when I met artist in-residence, Kirsten Carlson. She does watercolor illustrations of marine life.”

Louise from New Zealand (Above Right)

Occupation: Cook on Falkor Schmidt Ocean Institute
Creative Expression: Cooking
“I became a cook because I was studying science, and I needed money. Cooking is a type of chemistry. [I’m] inspired by Instagram and restaurants like Momofuku, but I like homemade, traditional cuisines.”


Nicole from Oahu, Hawaii

Occupation: Entrepreneur of Notted Nest (@nottednest)
Creative Expression: Macrame
“I used to make hemp jewelry, but then, I learned macrame from watching Youtube videos. I started with plant hangers at first, but now, I’ve been doing this for about 3 years.”

Sou Pic from Marseille, France

Occupation: Classical Pianist
Creative Expression: Mandolin
“I’ve been playing mandolin for 6 years. I wanted to play in the orchestra.”

Shanell from Oahu, Hawaii

Occupation: Barista
Creative Expression: Fashion & Shopping
“Aw, I’m not even really wearing anything that funky today. I love shopping and expressing myself through the things I wear every day. Depends on how I’m feeling, my clothes can influence my mood.”


Tell Us! What’s your Creative Hobby?

This is just a handful of women from one event, but we found such an amazing variety of creative passions. We want to know how YOU creatively express yourself! Share your amazing nail art by using #bundlemonster on IG and Facebook.

Posted: May 22, 2018 10:47AM HST