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We have been stamping for a while and have a passionate and knowledgeable team available to help you. No question is too big or too small so don't hesitate to ask.

Among our community, here are the TOP 3 most frequently asked questions...


#1: What is the blue wrapping on my nail plate?

It's a protective wrapping that needs to be removed before you start stamping.

So grab a corner and peel the film - it's so satisfying!


#2: I can't get my ice cube stamper to work!
The stamper doesn't pick up anything...What is the problem?

Watch this Do's and Don'ts Video for all you need to know about the Ice Cube stamper:


Tip #1:  Once you receive your stamper, gently wash the stamper head with dish soap and warm water.

Tip #2:  Work quickly but lightly! Stamping requires you to work at a quick pace. Prepare your work space and plan your manicure ahead of time.

Tip #3:  Use a light hand. Do not smash or smoosh the stamper into the design. Just barely kiss the plate with the stamper in a light rolling or up and down motion.


#3: How do I clean my nail stamping plate?

A cotton pad/ ball and 100% acetone is the way to go! Clean your nail plate of polish after each stamp with 100% acetone. Polish removers with additives such as vitamin E or moisturizers will leave a residue or smudgy film on your plate making the pick up process difficult.

Still have questions?

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