What’s with the New Name?!

Written by: Kara Crail
A couple of weeks ago, we announced a HUGE surprise: Bundle Monster is rebranding to Maniology! (YAYYY!) After our initial announcement, we received tons of feedback from you all ranging through an entire spectrum of emotions. Our team was extremely happy to read all of your responses about our company’s growth and transition, especially since we designed Maniology with YOU in mind! Here are just a few of our favorite comments that we received:

• “I freaking LOVE this. Way to mani the eff up and get on that positive growth! (See what I did there?) I’m SO excited for you guys!”
• “Love the new branding! But the important thing is you still produce AMAZING products and inspire our creativity!”
• “I love your products!!!! It’s an addiction. I’m just starting out, but the ideas are endless! Excellent new name!!! This is exciting!!!”
• “b.m.c was where I started getting into the stamping life but happy for the expansion. Can’t wait to see the changes & I’ll definitely miss the monster name."
As we mani-morphosize through this transitioning period, you guys might be wondering a few things like, first of all, why Maniology? Where did this name come from anyway? How do you even pronounce it?
Well, when our team finally decided that we were ready for a total makeover, we all sat down around a very official looking conference table to brainstorm our new name. There were tears, sweat… blood! (Ok, that’s not true, but it makes for a much more interesting story!) All in all, it took a hell of a lot of soul searching.
The team dug down to the heart of our company. We thought about our mission to “empower self-expression one manicure at a time.” We reflected on where we had started, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. Finally, we thought about our social community—the community that built this company with its very own hands! Scrolling through all of your amazing mani-masterpieces, it became clear what we would choose for our new brand name:

• “Mani” – originating from the Latin word “manus” meaning “hand.”
• “-ology” – a suffix derived from the Greek logos, meaning “study of,” “specialty in,” or “art of.”
At the core of this company is a passion for paint, an excitement for experimenting, and hours of study that we, together, have put into perfecting the art of manicures. Hand in hand, we’ve all created this community that we’re proud to now call Maniology. Of course, change is never easy, but it is necessary for growth. While our team is sad to see the “Monster” leave our name, we know that it’s still there living inside of us.

In our next newsletter, you’ll get a preview into what you can expect to see on our new Maniology website and packaging! Stay tuned for even more HUGE announcements. We know you’ll to love what’s coming. We love hearing what you have to say! Feel free to email us at connect@bundlemonster.com.
Posted July 31, 2018 at 3:15pm HST