Adhesive Tabs For Press On Nails - 10 Sheets


Adhesive Tabs For Press On Nails - 10 Sheets

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No fuss, no mess, just flawless press-on nails! Our adhesive tabs make it easy to switch up your nail game and keep things fun and fresh! This set comes with 10 sheets, each containing 24 tabs of various sizes, providing a range of options that fit each nail perfectly for a snug fit and natural look. These adhesive tabs make applying and removing press-on nails clean, easy, and effective. Simply apply the appropriate sized adhesive tab to your clean natural nails, then firmly apply your favorite press-on nail, and you're good to go. Formulated with gentle adhering products, so you can rest assured that they won't damage your natural nails.

1. Clean and dry your nails.
2. Select the appropriate adhesive tab size.
3. Apply the adhesive tab onto your natural nail and press firmly.
4. Peel off the protective film and press the press-on nail onto the adhesive tab.
5. Press on and hold firmly for a few seconds.
6. Repeat the steps for all of your nails.

"5 simple steps" for nail stamping


Paint a generous amount of stamping polish onto a design.


Scape off excess polish with the edge of a scraper card, holding it at a 45 degree angle.


Quickly, roll the stamper head onto the design.


Transfer the stamp onto your nail, using a smooth rolling motion.


Finish with a layer of Smudge Free Top Coat