Haunted House (m242) - Nail Stamping Plate


Haunted House (m242) - Nail Stamping Plate

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You are cordially invited to our Halloween celebration. Make yourself at home in Maniology manor. Don't mind the cobwebs. This homely stamping plate is embellished with victorian inspired decor and a hall of peculiar portraits. (Don't stare too long.) Warm up your frigid fingertips in our fireplace or unlock your creativity with one of many skeleton keys. Make yourself at home and get creative with your Halloween manicures. 

  • ENTER IF YOU DARE: Unlock your creativity with this haunted mansion themed stamping plate.
  • ENDLESS CREATIVITY: The nail art possibilities are endless with just one nail¬†stamping plate¬†and your favorite polishes!
  • EASIER THAN EVER: Stamping is simple! Just scrape, stamp, and swoon your way to a beautiful new manicure.
  • BIGGER IS BETTER: This XL stamping plate (4.75x2.4in) features a huge variety of images for you to create with.
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"5 simple steps" for nail stamping


Paint a generous amount of stamping polish onto a design.


Scape off excess polish with the edge of a scraper card, holding it at a 45 degree angle.


Quickly, roll the stamper head onto the design.


Transfer the stamp onto your nail, using a smooth rolling motion.


Finish with a layer of Smudge Free Top Coat