Stampers are the life force for any one who stamps! Plain and simple. Stampers are made to withstand continuous pressing and cleaning about 100x over. If cared for and handled properly, stamper heads can last far longer. Because there are a wide range of stampers on the market for the sake of simplicity we'll narrow down this post to discuss the care of silicone stampers. Silicone stampers, which are probably the most commonly made stampers on the market come in a range of soft, squish, marshmellowy or clear. As a general reminder for using any silicone stamper, it is recommended to wash the stamper head with a mild, non-oily soap, we use Dawn and warm water. This helps to take off all the production oils and residue on the surface of the stamper. You'll only need to do this once. Now, let's talk about cleaning.

Stamper Cleaner Solution #1:

Maniology's Sticky Stamper Station

This sticky stamper station is a multi-purposed tool that looks stylish enough to be on your desk/stamping work space as well as functional. The paper front acts as a manicure planner, notepad for polish ideas or plate numbers but the magic is where it says "peel". When you peel the paper, you'll reveal a sticker that allows you to quickly "plop" off the excess stamped polish off the surface of your stamper head. Voila, your stamper is ready for its next pick up!

Stamper Cleaner Solution #2:

Sticker Lint Roller

It just goes to show that you don't need fancy materials to care for your stamper head correctly. A simple lint roller is usable and usable until you've exhausted all the stickiness of the surface. Wacky Laki created a great image layout showing exactly how this works. Try it.

Stamper Cleaner Solution #3:

Scotch Tape

Grab that extra holiday scotch tape you bought from Costco 3 years ago and start using it to clean your stamper head. Scotch tape makes for an easy to reach product that most house holds keep around. It helps to take off stamped polish on skin (the polish must be dry) or on a stamper head or use it to modify your stamped design by taking off polish where you don't need it. We love a good multi-tasker!

Are you seeing a sticky trend? With silicone stampers, it's been our experience that acetone can really change the surface of the stamper head. With clear stampers over time it can make that glassy-clear surface very cloudy. In other words, sticky is the way to go. For those stamper heads that are past the point of no return, we also have replacement heads.

Do you have a cleaning method that we didn't cover? Please comment below and share with us what's been working for you.