Here's an Awesome Top Coat Trick!

Posted by Devon Nurre

This month’s community topic is all about top coat application. One of the Maniology Community members created a post about a really cool technique for getting the perfect smudge free finish...

Alison T. M. discovered that you can apply top coat to a stamper then stamp it over your manicure to avoid ruining your stamped design! We tested this technique for ourselves to see if it could work with our Speed Dry and Matte Top Coat. The results were extremely successful! Both designs were perfectly smooth and without a single smudge. After you apply the top coat to your stamper we recommend waiting 30-60 seconds before stamping it onto the nail for best results.

Thanks Alison for sharing your amazing technique. We absolutely love it! Head over to the official Maniology Community for more awesome tips and tricks... Then, share your ideas with us. We always love hearing about your nail art journey!

Want to try this technique for yourself?
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