A Reason to Stamp by Rachel C.

Posted by Devon Nurre

Why Do You Stamp?

Over the years we've seen several different responses for this question. The most common answers are usually because it’s a creative outlet to express yourself or because it’s a relaxing self-care ritual.
Nail stamping is fun, addictive and really cute! Sometimes it even seems silly how something so small can give us so much joy! Every once in a while we’ll hear a story about a more unique reason to stamp.
This month Rachel C. shared a beautiful post in our Maniology Facebook Community about why she enjoys stamping and has allowed us to share it with all of you! 
“Many of you have become familiar with me posting weekly manis of my grandma. She is one of the best ladies I have ever met. Over last few years much of her autonomy was taken due to a bad open heart surgery and she wasn’t able to go out and do very many things anymore. She looked forward to me coming over every week and doing her nails. She would show and flaunt them to every one she saw, her nurses and doctors, her hairdresser and before COVID even the people at the registers. Since COVID shut everything down she wanted me to always post her nails on the group and she would ask me to read her the latest comments. She wanted to know how many likes she had gotten and how “Facebook famous” she was that week. I am brokenhearted to tell you all that she passed away in the early morning today. I know it seems silly to be posting this in a nail art group, but honestly she loved this group so much and so looked forward to hearing what you all thought of her latest mani. I don’t know what I am going to do now without her. My heart is shattered. Thank you all for helping me brighten up her days and for showing love and kindness to her through your comments to her. It really did mean so very much to her. 🖤💔🖤”

Thank you Rachel C. for letting us be a part of your grandma’s life. 
She will forever be a Star at Maniology!
We love reading your stamping stories.
Comment below and share with us why you stamp!
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  • Now I am in tears, such a lovely story. Rest in peace grandma, I’m sure you left with lovely nails – as my grandma did, because I also made her nails as often as possible. You’ll never get over the sorrow of missing her, but she will be a great memory later on. Take care, and thanks for sharing. <3

    Sanne on

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