Community Topic of the Month: Stamp Cuticles Clean with No Cuticle Protector

Posted by Tiana Regan

Sounds like sorcery, but really it's a simple concept. Earlier this month for a Maniology LIVE! video I created this chic olive green and leopard print manicure:

In the middle of the manicure, I realized I didn't have Mani Mask or cuticle tape and was stamping in black 😳! Because of my deep cuticles and dry skin, it was a recipe for staining skin (which you can see a little in the picture). However, there is a hack if in a pinch or you don't have either Mani Mask or cuticle tape you can protect your cuticle and skin from the ultimate staining and that's by painting polish onto your design based on the shape of your cuticle edge! Brilliant? Let's talk about this more.

This concept applies to full size images that are meant to cover the nail whole. Over the design, apply polish to the design creating a U shape or the shape that best matches your cuticle line. When you are ready to scrape the excess polish from the plate, be sure to scrape in the opposite direction of your U making sure to keep the U shape. Pick up the design as you would normally and when you stamp the design to the nail, make sure to line up the image so it fits your cuticle shape.

With this technique minimal to no cleaning is required. You save time, acetone and your skin from polish staining.

Devon followed up with a helpful video tutorial to show this exact technique. Watch her:

Have you tried this hack on yourself? Comment below.


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