Double Dip into Creativity: A Colorful Conversation with Nail Guru, "Sip And Dip"💅✨

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Maniology Exclusive Q&A with Chelsea Deview aka Sip_and_dip on Instagram


💅✨ We started with a dip, then we dove head first! Meet Chelsea, better known in the nail community as @Sip_and_Dip on Instagram and @SipAndDip on YouTube, she's the nail art virtuoso taking social media by storm!  With a flair for fusing dip powder magic and nail stamping mastery, she's not just a nail artist—she's a trendsetting trailblazer with over 15,000 Instagram fans and 43,000 YouTube subscribers hanging on her every polish stroke. 

From her early days playing with nail polish at the salon alongside her mom, to mastering the art of nail stamping, Chelsea shares her journey and the creative inspirations behind her enchanting designs on our new Maniology x Sip_And_Dip Artist Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate. In this exclusive Q&A artist feature, Chelsea unveils the secrets to her nail art success, including the charming and intricate designs of her upcoming collaboration nail stamping plate with Maniology. 💅💖

Maniology Exclusive Q&A with Sip And Dip

1. How long have you been doing nail art?
"I have been doing nail art since I was a little girl. I used to go to the nail salon with my mom while she would get her nails done and the technician used to let me sit and play with all of her polishes. I have always loved having pretty nails and now I get to bring that same joy to my little girls."

2. How did you first learn about nail stamping?
"I learned about stamping from seeing others in the nail community share these super intricate and amazing designs. I am always amazed at their creativity!"

3. What do you love about nail art and how has Maniology nail stamping improved your life?
"I love that nail art allows you to express your creativity. It is so fun and easy to switch up designs. I also love that it has created this incredible community of wildly different individuals who all enjoy doing nails! Maniology has certainly helped my poor right hand look beautiful. Stamping is a major win for those of us with shaky hands!"

4. What inspired the designs for your stamping plate and which design on your plate is your favorite?
"I really wanted to create a plate that encompassed some of my favorite trends. Whether that be stars, swirls, flowers, clouds, I wanted them all in one place! All of the designs that I selected are things that can be used and loved year round. It was also important to me to have some smaller images so those of us with kiddos or short nails could have fun too! This plate gives the ability to really get creative, mix and match, and do lots of combinations. I gravitate to the sparkly stars the most. They are so timeless and can be used for a moody look or even whimsical!"

5. Where do you find creative inspiration in your daily life? Are there any specific artists who influence you the most? (Could be beauty, nails, visual art, music, etc)
"Oddly enough, I get so much inspiration from phone wallpaper graphics. I love to see all of the cute designs and it can be super inspiring for nail art! So shout out to the graphic designers who bless us on Pinterest daily!"

6. If you were a Maniology stamping polish, which one would you be and why?
"I had to sit to think on this one for a little bit and decided to choose a color that I gravitate to the most. To my surprise, it is called Heart Of Gold. This is such an easy to use formula and pairs perfectly with every shade. I truly hope to embody what it means to have a heart of gold. I believe that if you lead with good intentions, then the rest will fall into place."

7. What is something you wish you had known about nail stamping when you first started? (Share 1 tip for beginners)
"I wish I knew that I needed to move FAST! Videos can be edited super short so it's hard to gauge exactly how quick you need to move. But once you find your rhythm, you’ll be unstoppable!"

8. What does "self-love" and "self-care" mean to you?
"To me, self-love is talking to myself the way that I would to a friend. Being as kind and encouraging to others, to myself. We can certainly be our own worst critics so I try to give myself more grace in those moments. Self-care can mean so many things! It can be doing my nails, going for a longboard ride, or taking a bath while listening to 90’s R&B throwbacks. Ultimately, self-care is wherever I find peace and sanctuary. It can change from time to time, but it almost always involves some good music!"

9. What other creative hobbies do you enjoy?

Sip_and_dip's cute garden with peanuts, peppers, garlic, strawberries, and more!

"I have really been enjoying growing our garden! So far we have broccoli, onions, strawberries, lots of different types of peppers, garlic and peanuts. Our neighbor feeds the deer peanuts and the squirrels bury the peanuts in our yard. Once we realized that we had random peanuts growing in our yard we decided to plant some. To our surprise, it worked and we grew a bushel of them! Fun fact, sometimes strawberries don’t produce in the first year. So this will be our second year and the first time we will get to harvest them. My girls are so excited and love watching them grow!"

fresh strawberries growing in Sip_and_dip's garden

Favorite quote -
"This quote has really been resonating with me lately: 'The universe will never give you peace in something you were never meant to settle in.' - Unknown"

Chelsea's passion for nail art shines brighter than a fresh layer of top coat, inspiring thousands of aspiring nail artists to create, stamp, and dip their way to a more beautiful life.


Maniology and Sip and Dip collaboration nail stamping plate


Don't miss out on our new Maniology x Sip_And_Dip Artist Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate and take a bit of inspiration home to your nail desk! Learn more about Chelsea on her Instagram and YouTube! Give her a follow, subscribe to her channel, and let your nail art journey begin with Sip And Dip, the best in the biz. 💖✨


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