Stamping vs. Regular Polish, What's the Difference?

Posted by Tiana Regan

Let's just jump in...we receive a number of questions about stamping polish and regular polish and what exactly is the difference AND can I use regular polish to stamp?

Here's the answers you've been looking for:

Left: Stamping Polish using Straight Up Black. Right: Regular Polish using Wet and Wild's Black Creme.

Stamping polish, regular polish - what is the difference?

The picture on the left, we used the same base color, Bam! White. On the left nail tip we stamped with black stamping polish, Straight Up Black. On the right nail tip we stamped with a regular polish, Wet n Wild's, Black Creme. The stamping polish is brighter allowing you to really see the design because of it's thicker and opaque formula. Regular polish is thinner and you can see the base color through the stamp. The design doesn't stand out in comparison. The main difference between stamping polish and regular polish is formula. The thick consistency and pigmentation make stamping polish very unique and designed for stamping. ** Fun fact: Years ago (yeah, old school stamping) when stamping polish wasn't a thing, I used to LOVE Black Creme for black stamping and I used to recommend it to all my customers. Plus, it was only .99 cents!!! YAAASSSS! Don't tell anyone, our secret. πŸ™Š

Can I use regular polish to stamp?

Of course! That's what being creative is all about, finding your way to express yourself! No matter which type of polish you use, the stamping technique is exactly the same. So go experiment. You can also use regular polish to try reverse stamping (Google it). ** Another fun fact: If you're going to use regular polish, I also used to tell our customers to use old polish. Older polish tends to get thicker over time.

Do you have some stamping insight you'd like to share? Comment below. Happy Stamping!

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  • So my next question is, can I use stamping polish as a base color? I put clear on first, but can I then use the stamping polish? If not, I’m gonna need to buy some regular nail polish. All I have is the polish I get from you every month. Thank you for your attention to this question.

    Christina Baublitz on

  • I love stamping polish for the opaque Ness of it but there are really good regular polishes out there too. Just depends on the consistency. I have also found stamping polish to be a good one coat base to nail art and it’s great for freehand nail art because of its thickness.

    Brenda on

  • Stamping polish has a little longer drying time than most regular polish, so it is easier to work with when learning. I avoid fast-drying formulas (in regular polish) for most nail art techniques.

    Metallic finish regular polishes usually give excellent coverage.

    Kins.made on

  • What about clear polishes? I want a gloss and matte effect over a solid colour for a minimalist look. Regular polish works fine? Or totally collab with me for the stamping polish idea xD

    Heather on

  • Finally, someone explains it in simple terms. This is really helpful. Thanks

    Rabbit on

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