Stamping vs. Regular Polish, What's the Difference?

Posted by Tiana Regan

Let's just jump in...we receive a number of questions about stamping polish and regular polish and what exactly is the difference AND can I use regular polish to stamp?

Here's the answers you've been looking for:

Left: Stamping Polish using Straight Up Black. Right: Regular Polish using Wet and Wild's Black Creme.

Stamping polish, regular polish - what is the difference?

The picture on the left, we used the same base color, Bam! White. On the left nail tip we stamped with black stamping polish, Straight Up Black. On the right nail tip we stamped with a regular polish, Wet n Wild's, Black Creme. The stamping polish is brighter allowing you to really see the design because of it's thicker and opaque formula. Regular polish is thinner and you can see the base color through the stamp. The design doesn't stand out in comparison. The main difference between stamping polish and regular polish is formula. The thick consistency and pigmentation make stamping polish very unique and designed for stamping. ** Fun fact: Years ago (yeah, old school stamping) when stamping polish wasn't a thing, I used to LOVE Black Creme for black stamping and I used to recommend it to all my customers. Plus, it was only .99 cents!!! YAAASSSS! Don't tell anyone, our secret. šŸ™Š

Can I use regular polish to stamp?

Of course! That's what being creative is all about, finding your way to express yourself! No matter which type of polish you use, the stamping technique is exactly the same. So go experiment. You can also use regular polish to try reverse stamping (Google it). ** Another fun fact: If you're going to use regular polish, I also used to tell our customers to use old polish. Older polish tends to get thicker over time.

Do you have some stamping insight you'd like to share? Comment below. Happy Stamping!

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  • I brought me some nabi nail polish from b2 outlet where I live and I wonder if I can used that for stamping polish? And I only pay .99 cent for each of the nabi polish.

    Denise on

  • Thanks for the great advice! But mostly, thank you for your honesty! Politicians could learn something from your company! Your products are fantastic!

    Kristen Popielaski on

  • That old, thick polish is a bangin trick. Thanks. Thats one of those things right in front of u, that u never realize. Lol. Duh. And all the years i cursed stale polish . Now im gonna be like ā€œDRY!!?? YES! Finally!ā€

    Nicole on

  • Is your stamping polish uv gel? Does it need to be used with a uv lamp or it just air dries? I just started doing my nails with uv lamp & uv polish & Iā€™m confused because the stamping polish seems like regular nail polish. Iā€™d really appreciate if you could clear this up for me!
    Thank you!

    Shirley on

  • I have found so far that nail polish by L.A. colors will not pick up with any stamp or plate.

    Meaghan E Buffington on

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