✨Nail Art Purrfection: A Fauxja Cat x Maniology Collaboration

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Fauxjacat x Maniology Exclusive Q&A

✨ Meet the enchanting Ashleigh (aka @Fauxjacat on Instagram), the nail artist and nail blogger who’s transforming fingertips in the Denver area with stunning manicure and memorable moments sprinkled with confidence and beauty! 💅 As a talented nail tech, salon owner, nail artist, and our latest collaborator for the @Fauxjacat x Maniology nail stamping plate, Ashleigh is a force to be reckoned with in the nail art world. 

In true Pisces fashion, Ashleigh is compassionate and creative dreamer and has been a badass boss babe in the nail world since 2012. When she's not writing, baking, or crafting, you can find her beautifying her neighborhood in her nail studio, Art Official Nails in Denver, Colorado, which is dedicated to art-focused manicures and creating an LGBTQIA+ safe space for all! We were lucky enough to chat with Ashleigh with another exclusive Q&A to learn more about her journey, inspirations, and what makes her nail designs so mesmerizing! 🌈✨

Nail stamping manicure created by Ashleigh aka Fauxjacat using the new Maniology x Fauxjacat collaboration nail stamping plate

1. How long have you been doing nail art?
"I discovered nail art in 2012! Stamping was one of the first things I learned."

2. How did you first learn about nail stamping?
"Since it was so long ago, I don’t even remember! I would guess Pinterest or Instagram."

3. What do you love about nail art and how has Maniology nail stamping improved your life?
"I love that nail art helps people express themselves creatively. It’s wearable art! Maniology has improved my nail journey because it helped further my career. As a nail tech, I’ve been able to use stamping as a tool to achieve clients’ desired look while saving time and maintaining competitive pricing for intricate art. I also discovered that I can use stamping to help practice hand-painted designs by using stamped images as guides for certain shapes, even letters and numbers."

4. What inspired the designs for your stamping plate and which design on your plate is your favorite?
"My personality inspired the designs on my plate. I’m ethereal and mysterious, but I also have a fun side! I love sweets, which I incorporate into my art and my brand. The cupcake moon design is based on a tattoo I have on my forearm. I also included a template for French designs on long nails because as a nail tech, I know the struggle of being asked for French nails as an ‘easy’ thing to do, when in reality, it’s more complicated than it looks. I love the dessert designs so much, I can’t pick a favorite! I can’t decide between the teacups, moon phase coffee cup, or the lunar ice cream."

5. Where do you find creative inspiration in your daily life? Are there any specific artists who influence you the most?
"I find creative inspiration through nature, everyday objects (hence my food and dessert nails), but I get my best ideas while I’m driving and listening to music. I’m influenced the most by my favorite artists, Paul Davey (known as Mattahan), Maddox McCullough (ballpit_addict), and Thuc Nguyen (Nail Dad)."

6. If you were a Maniology stamping polish, which one would you be and why?
"If I were a Maniology stamping polish, I would be the sticky base coat because it’s so forgiving :)"

7. What is something you wish you had known about nail stamping when you first started?
"I wish I would have known that there’s a Maniology Community Facebook group! There’s so much valuable information and lots of lovely people who share what they know and help boost your nail art confidence."

8. What does "self-love" and "self-care" mean to you?
"Self love means living in your truth without letting yourself feel judged. Self care means taking the time to tend to your physical body as well as your inner self."

9. What other creative hobbies do you enjoy?
"I enjoy writing, baking and decorating cakes, and embroidery."

Favorite quote -
“Use your head for more than a hat rack” - my Grandma


Maniology x Fauxjacat Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate

We hope you’ve enjoyed this enchanting journey with Ashleigh, aka @fauxjacat! Her dedication to nail art and creativity shines through every design and stroke of polish. Ready to get your hands on her magical new stamping plate? Head over to our store and grab the Fauxjacat x Maniology collaboration plate to bring a piece of her unique style to your nails. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram, and if you're in the Denver area, pamper yourself with a gorgeous new set at Ashleigh's nail studio, Art Official Nails. Your nails will thank you! 💖✨

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