New Technique: Stamping with Nail Powder

Posted by Tiana Regan

Did you know that you can stamp with nail powders? Sounds like magic? Wait until you try this technique for yourself. It is probably one of my most favorite techniques to do because the effect turns out amazing. Especially if you have a whole bunch of cream finish stamping polishes, this spices up your collection without splurging on a whole new line of metallic finish polishes.

Gather up your pots-o-powder and get ready to learn the steps on how you can achieve this on your own nails.

Side note: If you watch the video, I give 2 techniques for stamping with powder, but in this post I'm talking specifically about picking up stamped designs with powder.


1. Apply a thin, even layer of powder to your stamper head.

2. Pick up the design with Straight Up Black stamping polish.

3. Carefully stamp the design to your nails.

4. With a dry brush, lightly brush off the excess nail powder to reveal your powder stamped design.


There are a few tips I'd like to share that will help you to get a successful transfer of these powdered designs:

- When you are doing this technique it works best if you select designs that have thicker or bolder lines to really see the effect. If you select designs that have thin lines you may not see the effect at all.

- You can do this technique on bare nails (just base coat) or painted nails - no matter the background. But before you do this stamping technique the nail must be matte. I recommend putting a matte top coat over the nail and allowing it to dry completely before proceeding further with this technique.

I know you're curious what will happen if your nail ISN'T matte...let me tell you and save you the trouble. The powder will stick to your background and you won't have much of a stamped design. You'll have a whole nail of powder. The matte background acts like flour when your kneading dough on a counter top - it prevents sticking. The powder will only adhere to the wet part of the polish which is what you're picking up with the stamper head.

- Use a stamper that you don't mind getting messed up. If you continue to use this powder technique over time the stamper head will get cloudy or possibly tear - I suppose it's the fine-ness of the powders. Many of us have different stampers, just dedicate one for this technique.

- But I can't see through to line up the design! Yes, that is a downfall, but no worries. I'd recommend that you flip the stamper over so the head is facing you and you press your nail into the stamper (opposite of the normal stamping method where you take the stamper to the nail). This may help you line up your design and nail a little better.

- So you have powder left over on your stamper head - no biggie! If you have a Sticky Stamper Station, scotch tape or a sticky lint roller, just plop the head onto that sticky surface and continue pressing on the surface until the stamper head is clean. Repeat the process all over again.

What are your thoughts on this technique? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know how it's working for you in the comments.

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