Maniology is Born! Bundle Monster is Rebranding

Posted by Carol Wu

When Ren and Carol Wu co-founded Bundle Monster back in 2009, it began as a company selling electronic accessories such as e-reader cases, stickers, and other awesome deals in bundles (hence the name Bundle Monster!)  Both had come from entrepreneurial families and have always had an array of ideas about starting their own businesses some day.
It was the start of something beautiful.  A friend had gifted Carol with her first nail stamping kit with a plate and a stamper.  Intrigued by the possibilities of transferring art to her nails, she dived right in. She soon found that although the tool was fairly easy to use, the designs of the plates were really lacking.  Little flowers and butterflies are fun, but Carol wanted so much more. Excited to test the market, we hired a designer and created our very first set of stamping plates which hit the market in 2010.
From our very first stamping plate set, the nail stamping community loved our creative designs. Over the years, we poured all of our love and energy into researching with trial and error to create high quality nail art products while constantly looking to all of our amazing fans for inspiration.
You could say that we started collaborating before it was cool. In 2013, we developed our first “Create Your Own” stamping plate collection which helped to bring life to all of our fans’ ideas. We had an outpouring of brilliant concepts and responses from our social media stamping community resulting in over 150 images and 26 plates—our biggest collection of that time. This huge set helped us realize our design potential and catapulted us into the depths of our imagination.  
As the years passed, we continued to invent wildly innovative products to wow and excite our customers such as our Mochi Stamper, Dual-Ended Pencil Stamper, and collaboration plates with some of your favorite nail artists and personalities.
We’re only getting bigger and better! As we continue to expand, it becomes clear that the name Bundle Monster is limiting and no longer speaks who we are.  We need a name that speaks our mission and better aligns us for our future, a name that represents how our products will impact lives one manicure at a time.  We need a name that reflects our incredibly creative and infinitely inspiring community of nail artists.
Maniology is born!  We hope to inspire you to creatively express yourself through your manicures for years to come, and we know you will continue to inspire us as well! Push boundaries, speak who you are, and use your fingertips as your canvas to show the world how colorful and unique you can be.  We are here to help you feel empowered and creative.
New name, same us! Our products will largely remain the same—creative and unique stamping plates that excite and push you to be a better you; beautifully pigmented polishes to paint your story; and easy nail art tools to help you when you are low on time. It's just a name change. This is just the beginning.  We have so much more in store for you. Stay tuned for what's to come, and thank you for being a part of this journey.
From All Of Us @Maniology

Just a few details about the logistical side of things:

- When our new site launches, if you visit,
you will be redirected to  

- If you have an active account with us on, your login and password will remain the same on our new site,

- You will start seeing our new releases with our new brand name!  BMC products will continue to be on our website as we slowly transition out our new Maniology product offerings.  All products are still from us!

- If you are following us socially, you won’t need to do anything! You will see our new name change seamlessly and will still be following us.

- Best of all, we will have some amazing contests and giveaways to celebrate our new brand and site launch! Stay tuned for more details about swag and prizes.  Follow us on social media for timely updates of these changes.

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  • I have a question, which bundle monster plates did you redo? I have a bunch of them and want to let people know where to get the images now. thanks so much

    michelle e myers on

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